Scandinavian Wallpaper

An American company with roots in Sweden and a passion for Scandinavian design.
We are proud to represent the Swedish wallpaper brands:
Sandberg Wallpaper, Boråstapeter and Ulricehamns Tapetfabrik.

  • Boråstapeter

    "Drawing inspiration from our Swedish heritage, we create wallpapers for every home."

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  • Sandberg Wallpaper

    "Our wallpapers are designed to make your everyday life and home even more beautiful."

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  • Ulricehamns Tapetfabrik

    "We are passionate about the craft and cherish the authentic, small-scaled and unique."

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  • Majvillan

    "Environment and sustainability is important to us at Majvillan and all of our products are eco-friendly and produced of the highest quality to ensure a long life cycle."

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Orangeri - A collection from Boråstapeter

Experience the calm yet lively charm of our Citronträd wallpaper in a light palette of white, green, beige, pink and yellow tones.


Invite the beauty of nature indoors with our Orangeri collection – a... 

  • It has never been easier to install wallpaper, follow the instructions on how to put your personal touch to your home.

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  • Make your house a home by a personal statement - a photo-wall.

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  • Explore our Studio Ceiling Wallpaper Collection. From constellations to tree canopies: a showcase of innovative designs to redefine your fifth wall.

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