Ett Hem

The Ett Hem collection presents lively, yet peaceful wallpapers, that inspire to a long-lasting home filled with cosiness and a delicate balance. Ett Hem means “A Home” in Swedish and is a harmonius play with pattern in a subtle colour range that is celebrating our heritage. Browse the collection below and discover new designs as well as updated colourways of our beloved wallpapers Rosenholm and Edvin.

“The sun shines through mullioned windows. Warming the soaped wooden floor for my bare feet. I know precisely where to tiptoe to avoid creaking. Not to wake anyone before the bread is baked and the coffee smells hot and fresh. Imagine all the mornings that started right here. Generations of newly awakened taking slow strolls through the rooms. To feel the day. Little ones skipping and giggling, chasing and teasing, just like mine do today. Friends have gathered for dinner, and flavorous casseroles have filled us with joy. The first little flowers of spring in tiny glasses, big secrets whispered far in behind the sofa. All the things that were and all the things that are, endless days in lovely rooms. That’s what brings life to our home.“