Welcome to Majvillan. 

Majvillan is a Swedish brand that loves the beauty and cares about the environment.
In 2013, Majvillan launched its first wallpaper collection.

Majvillan has been appreciated and attracted attention around the world for its figurative and graphic patterns in blackened pastels in combination with grey and creamy whites. Even gold print can be found in some of the patterns to give that extra glow.

Behind the brand Majvillan you find Charlotta Sandberg, the designer and founder. She has been an artist and painter for many years. The name Majvillan comes from the designer's residential house called Majvillan. The founder and designer Charlotta Sandberg explains:
- “We gave our house a name that conveyed the feeling we wanted to give our home and “Majvillan” felt just right as the month of May is a time of expectation when nature wakes up and the colors are light and bright. From an empty shell the world and life wake up. I wanted the brand to convey the same feeling, so the choice of name was easy!

When I design patterns, I am inspired by the feeling that I want them to radiate. I love creating small worlds and places to visit. The colors are really important, a color can be so much more than just a color. I'm looking for shades and shapes which are happy, clever and restful at the same time. My creativity is powered by all that is beautiful, and I love to compose place both on paper and in reality. It makes me feel alive and it is just wonderful!"

Ecofriendly living

Environment and sustainability are important to us at Majvillan and all of our products are eco-friendly and produced of the highest quality to ensure a long life cycle.

The wallpaper is made in Sweden at an eco-friendly print house on a non-woven material with colors that are water-based and completely free from solvents and PVC. Excess color is managed in an environmentally sound manner and paper waste is converted into heat. The wallpaper has a very beautiful surface where you can feel the color structure with the bare hand.