Ulricehamns Tapetfabrik

A different kind of wallpaper factory

Ulricehamns Tapetfabrik is a Swedish wallpaper company with roots in a genuine craft tradition. The company is run by enthusiasts with many years of experience in the craft and industry. We are also united in the passion for beautiful designs and the pride of being able to make an impression in Swedish wallpaper history.

Our history began where another ended. When the old wallpaper factory faced the threat of closure the factory’s long-lasting knowledge, rich heritage and unique production was at risk of disappearing. Meanwhile existed a strong energy and will among the workers at the factory to retain and preserve the unique tradition and production, which lead to the creation of today’s Ulricehamns Tapetfabrik.

“What we do today matters tomorrow.”

We are passionate about the craft and cherish the authentic, small-scaled and unique. Our journey of Swedish craftsmanship traditions leaves traces inside and outside our country. In a time where mass production is a standard, we still like to believe that there’s room for both the small, independent producer and the mass producers on the market.

At Ulricehamns Tapetfabrik we match our long-lasting knowledge and traditional techniques with new insights and ways of production. All to help refine the wallpaper art and industry. We go our own way and collaborate with other visionaries who appreciate the long-term value of the quality which defines both our products and relationships. Together we secure the future of Swedish quality products and a sustainable world.


Do you also dream of wallpaper? Make those dreams come true in our wallpaper factory!

Thomas & Anna