Classic, contemporary wallpapers for inspiring décors

Boråstapeter is Sweden’s oldest and by far best-known and best-selling brand of wall coverings. Against a classic, timeless background we continuously develop our brand to satisfy the market’s interest in designs, colors and textures – Boråstapeter aims to be an inspiring role model in the wallpaper market.


When Waldemar Andrén founded Boråstapeter in 1905, it was with the clear vision that "every Swede should be able to afford to create a more beautiful home using wallpapers." Over one hundred years later, both we and the world look very different. To reflect Boråstapeter’s growing customer base in different parts of the world, we have updated this vision. Our heart is still very much in the same place, but our vision is seeking out new horizons. Today, Boråstapeter’s vision is…"Drawing inspiration from our Swedish heritage, we create wallpapers for every home."

Environment & sustainability

Boråstapeter has all of its production facilities in Sweden. The process of creating and making our wallpapers, from the drawing board to the end product, takes place in Viared, close to the town of Borås. This means we have direct control over our processes and are thus able to take responsibility in decision making and at every stage of the operations. We have spent more than a century becoming better at what we do and how we do it. This applies to all aspects of our business, from product design and choice of materials, to production, logistics, energy and recycling.

Responsibility for the environment and a life cycle approach to sustainability are at the heart of what we do.

An all-encompassing view of our environmental performance means we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, complying with all relevant legislation and regulations and developing more ways to contribute to a greener and better world. It also means caring about the people who work in our production areas and those who live in spaces where our wallpaper is hung. Furthermore, the achievement of long-term sustainability. We are committed to making products with a style and quality that will stand the test of time.

Our strong focus on sustainability begins right at the design concept stage of a product. We monitor and create trends but aim to produce designs and colors that will be appreciated for years to come. We also like delving into our large archives which contain many classic collections that we can be inspired by and reuse.

Sustainability at every stage is the promise Boråstapeter is making. It is the standard we set for ourselves, and we monitor the wider markets and sector with curiosity and interest and strive constantly to improve our performance.

Printing techniques

From the oldest collagraph printing press to the state-of-the art in digital printing. It is all about preserving our rich artisan tradition while keeping up to speed on the latest technologies that open up exciting and innovative design possibilities.

Collagraph printing

A traditional printing technique that our company has been using since it was set up in 1905. An old collagraph printing press stands in the heart of the wallpaper factory and prints wet-on-wet in seven to eight colors. There’s also a modern collagraph printing press there that prints in six to seven colors. With both these presses, the technique produces a textured surface and expressive design character that gives the wallpaper a hand-painted look.

Other printing techniques

Intaglio printing: for faster printing in larger quantities.
Screen printing: use of stencil to transfer design.
Digital printing: used for our custom photo-walls.