Wallpapering the ceiling


Preparation: Ensure that the ceiling is clean, dry, and smooth. If your ceiling has been treated with lime or mineral paint, this will to be removed before installing the wallpaper. Fill any holes or dents with spackle and then sand the surface smoothly.


Measure and cut: If you have a laser level; use it to draw a straight line to guide you. This helps ensure that your wallpaper goes up straight. Use scissors or a snap-blade to cut the rolls at the scissor marks. Each roll is numbered so line them up in numerical order before you start wallpapering.


Apply paste to the ceiling: Only use non-woven wallpaper paste. Roller the paste in a thin layer along the ceiling one to two roll widths along the ceiling is enough.

Put up the fist length: Start putting up the paper from left  to right on the ceiling. Put up the fist length along its long edge, aligning it with the line you drew. Use a wallpaper brush to smooth the paper and ease away any air bubbles. Wipe off any excess paste with a soft, damp sponge.


Put up the next lengths: Apply your next length alongside the first length ensuring that the pattern is aligned. Repeat the step above (smooth the paper, ease away air bubbles and wipe off excess paste). Continue putting up the remaining lengths in the same way with paste, pattern alignment, water brush and the damp sponge.


Trim away the edges: Once tall the lengths have been put up, trim away surplus paper at the edges using your wallpaper knife.

Look up and admire!