Arboretum is a botanical collection of wallpapers that welcomes you to a wonderful green space. Experience the aromas and see the sunlight filtering  through the leaves. “The Sandberg Design Studio, located deep in the Swedish countryside, is often inspired by the nature that surrounds us. Be it the light, the colour palette or in this instance the abundant Swedish flora and fauna. We visited leafy arboretums, botanical gardens and flowering meadows, collecting, studying and being inspired by the trees and plants that for our landscape. This collection aims to bring the gentle feeling of calmness that envelops us here into the interior. Through our new designs you can feel the stillness and breathe in the scents. You can see the sun that shines through the tree canopy and sense the buds that break. When the light comes back in spring and let greenery take over and enclose you in Sandberg’s own Arboretum.” – Karolina Kroon, designer